ADHD in the Workplace - For Employees

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ADHD friendly version: Read bold print only.

October is both National Employee Disability Awareness and ADHD Awareness month in the United States. With ADHD being oftentimes portrayed within media in a light that isn’t truly reflective of the lived experience of many ADHDers it makes sense as to why employers may not understand how to best accommodate individuals with ADHD in the workplace.

Below are things to think about, and tips ‘n tricks for both people needing accommodations due to their ADHD in the workplace and schools.

Are you a leader or manager of people and not somebody with ADHD? We’ve got you covered! Checkout the Employers version of this blog next to this one for tips on how to best manage people with ADHD and base level things to think about when managing other people in a neuro inclusive manner.



  1. Remember that accommodations are not special privileges.  Should you need accommodations from the jump or even after a while of having been within a role do not feel bad or shameful.  Your needs are your needs, point blank period.  Not only do needs change, but our ability to advocate for our needs also changes.  Please do not allow yourself or others to make you feel as though you aren’t worthy of the support you need to do your best work! 

Also, never forget – the ADA exists for a reason! People with ADHD are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  1. Express your concerns to your employer in the way of communication that works best for you in the given moment.  Many of us have comorbidities with a hefty amount having anxiety which can make the thought of being able to fully express yourself one liable to take your breath away, give you a stomachache, or make you unable to focus – if you know you know *whew*.  

If it’s via writing? Write.   Video? Video.  Voice message? Record it! 1:1 Meeting? Set it up! Small group with another employee or manager’s supervisor? Do. What. You. Need. To. Do.  

  1. Be informed of your state’s laws should your sharing of an ADHD diagnosis with an employer for a new need for accommodations result in problems at your workplace but do not allow this potential reality to cause you to be more apprehensive about not requesting accommodations.  Just stay ready and armed with knowledge is all! 

  2. Emotional regulation with ADHD is ROUGH, especially with stuff like work problems or having to apply for new jobs and everything that comes with both of those realities can be very intense. Don’t discredit the heftiness of it all.  Apply a little extra self-care however that looks best for you.  Extra naps, a long bath, ice cream, FaceTiming a friend, binge-watching TV, taking a day off, whatever you can afford to do to get some peace of mind.

    Another way to emotionally regulate during intense work-related things is to be proactive with administrative tasks such as having an email template saved in your drafts to discuss things with your employer (typed before the rage hahaha) and having your resume up to date should things not go as I hope they do – they give you the accommodations and things go smoothly afterward…not awkwardly.  Or illegally? Otherwise, resort back to #3. 

  3. Sometimes accommodations in themselves won’t change a toxic workplace.  Know when to find a new workplace should you be allotted the ability to do so and should your working toward accommodations seem like something you are not capable of mustering up the energy and ability to be able to do – I’ve been there.  Or should you realize you simply want a workplace that is better for your mental wellbeing and is in alignment with what you are desiring and deserving of? You know when you know.  Keep your heads up! 

Feel free to utilize these tips to implement new strategies or think about things in a new way as you navigate this journey in receiving workplace accommodations for your ADHD. For more AD your homie with ADHD content follow me on Instagram at this link, or connect with me on LinkedIn at this one!