Attitude of Gratitude

The family holiday season has officially kicked off and is in full effect. For me, this is my favorite time of year because I love having the opportunity to start thinking about my goals for the new year. Yes, I get started this early. It allows me the time to goal set and prepare whatever I need to before the new year begins. It’s like the perfect wave of events that get you in a positive mood to take that energy into the New Year. You start by entering a space of gratitude during Thanksgiving for everything that you have been grateful for, for the year or in general, then Christmas puts you in a space to give to others, and New Years Eve gets you ready to start something new that you feel can elevate your life and experiences.

 Actress Uzo Aduba saying "I am beyond grateful"

And since today is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to share my gratitude towards you! Live Solo has been a dream manifested and we are just getting started. The fact that you are tapped in with the community we are working so hard to build as the New Era of Disability does not go unrecognized. I am grateful for your participation, shares, website visits, newsletter clicks, and social media interactions. My team is small, but mighty to start and grateful for their hard work. I’m grateful for all our incredibly talented group of writers. They are the reason why Live Solo gets to stay refreshed with new content weekly. Their selfless act to share their stories and provide you all with solutions to help others is an extreme act of kindness. I’m grateful to their spirits and dedication to help make the Live Solo dream a reality.


I’m forever grateful to you all, The Soloists. We are just getting started!