Is Ye a Part of the Disability Community?

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The experiences in my eight-year journey and point of view as an able-bodied person has given me the ability to grasp a neutral and genuine look with compassion in any scenario. Embracing it all has made me a more complete person. Of course, there are those bad days but connecting with people in the disability community has created a stronger foundation for me to keep growing.

As I navigate life, I’ve experienced a variety of poor behavior and stings of discrimination. I’ve also become increasingly aware of it. For a while now, I’ve observed the way the media and the general public continue to treat Ye, as in Kanye West. As we set aside our differences, I want to discuss this matter because I believe it’s extremely problematic and harmful to overlook a disability, especially to the person experiencing it.

I am absolutely not trying to present an idea that a disability is or could be an excuse for any wrong doing. Nor am I addressing Ye’s inconsiderate language and social media posts.

Ye is a lot of great things to me and to many others. Kanye was a major inspiration throughout my very extensive recovery. Unfortunately, his talent and contributions to art is not entirely celebrated. The simple reason as to why is because in this lifetime, Ye has been extremely reckless with his words and no redemption.

Ye’s disability and history with Mental Health is consistently excluded in all forms of mainstream media. It’s as if Ye’s own Mental Health journey is nonexistent, of value or irrelevant. I strongly believe that it’s not right to minimize a disability whether it is invisible, visible or however you feel about the person. Do you think this is okay?

The unnoticed treatment has quietly created an acceptable standard for people to only care about Mental Health when you like the person. The treatment normalizes for the world to expect for a person in a not okay mind state or in the middle of a state caused and affected by their disability, to always say the right thing and do the right thing. As a result, the general public has gone as far as to deem Ye of not being worthy of grace while the media just thrives on that continued narrative… Despite easily giving grace to others or celebrities whose actions are undoubtedly far worse.

In a way the media never gives space instead the media chooses to interview someone who is not in their best mental state for entertainment purposes. So basically, the media continues to low key antagonize and take advantage of Ye. During his journey while he is in the most vulnerable state and possibly attempting to move on. 

It’s necessary to point out what the media and the general public can do differently. The media, writers and the public should definitely become aware of the importance of research and learning about the spectrum of disabilities. Learn more about the person's disability and specifically how they can produce less insensitive content. These simple changes can help the media to elevate their choice of speech and stop spreading prejudice towards people with disabilities.

Ye should take a moment for himself and consider embracing the disability community. As an outsider looking in, Ye is dealing with his Mental Health in a solo atmosphere. Ye is in a colorless setting with an audience and no sincerity. Ye is surrounded by groups of people that are yes types and masked ableists. Through connecting with the disability community and resources, Ye can learn more about our inclusive and powerful space. Becoming an ally and immersing in the community, Ye will not only find pure relatability but he will unlock waves of peace. This connection can bring new clarity for Ye and finally Ye can obtain the most important thing, support to grow. 

It’s so impactful to step out of your bubble every once in a while. To realize again that humans make mistakes and even the person who is in the wrong is a human and deserves the opportunity to move beyond it.