Welcoming 2023

Oh my goodness we have all made it through 2022 and what a ride it has been. I first want to give gratitude to everyone who has supported Live Solo since our launch back in September. Your continued support is much appreciated. We have a lot in store for you all to enjoy in 2023 so be sure to tap in with us regularly on our website www.livesolo.co matter of fact, bookmark us because we know you’ll want to come back. Definitely follow us on all social media platforms for daily updates. 

New Years Eve/Day is my favorite holiday! It’s always such a great time to reflect and set goals for the New Year following. If you know me, you know I live by the power of manifestation tools and I don’t hold back at all with my self-made manifestation practice. Here is a fun practice I do every New Years Eve in preparation of setting goals for the New Year. (But also know you can do this practice at ANY time of the year)

  1. I create a peaceful environment to meditate. I light candles and incense to smell good throughout my place and play a fun or chill playlist I’ve made of my favorite songs. Just depends on the mood. 

  2. I’ll eat my favorite meal whether it’s delivered from my favorite restaurant or I went grocery shopping to cook my favorite meal. Either way I’m gonna
    eat good.

  3. Then you have to have your favorite alcoholic beverage ready to go, but don’t drink yet.

  4. Then based on what came up during my meditation I’ll list those goals out on a piece of paper. No matter how big or small the goal, no matter if I think I can actually accomplish the goal within the year or not - it’s just about ‘goal dumping.’ List the goals until you feel you’ve written all you want to set for the new year.

  5. Read the list a minimum of 3-5 times back to back out loud.

  6. You can meditate over the list again now that it’s written out. Visualize and feel the feelings you would have if you accomplished some of the goals on your list.

  7. Take the list and post it somewhere in your home where you know you’ll come across it every day or almost every day.

  8. Pour your celebratory drink and savor in the good energy you just created for yourself.

  9. Once you’ve post your list do NOT concentrate on it anymore for the remainder of the year. You can glance, but don’t get distracted focusing on the list too much.

  10. Then on the next NYE read your list and see what you were able to accomplish without even having to try.

  11. Repeat steps every NYE :) 

I love doing this practice because it’s such a reminder of how powerful our thoughts and our goals are. That even if we aren’t spending all of our time obsessing or even doubting ourselves in accomplishing goals we are still able to turn our dreams into realities. 

I hope you have had a wonderful start to your New Year so far and can’t wait to continue to share what we have planned for all of our Soloists in 2023.