How is Live Solo supposed to help the disabled community?

Live Solo is designed to be an online resource for young adults with disabilities to use as a guide to their own independence and self-empowerment. We are building a lifestyle brand for PWD in mind first. A lifestyle that is positive, authentic, and possible for disabled people to achieve in a way society hasn’t supported the community at all. All content that is available on Live Solo is specifically curated by people from the disabled community with their fellow disabled counterparts in mind. Because of this, new visitors with disabilities, navigating through Live Solo can be confident in knowing that all information shared on the website is created to support their independence journey with their disabled experiences as top priorities.


Are the bloggers medical professionals?

Not all of them. Live Solo focuses on using a peer-to-peer model of sharing disabled experiences with each other to support their journeys. However, the chosen bloggers were specifically curated and handpicked by the Live Solo team based on their ability to share the experiences that are in line with the principles of The Solo System and mission of Live Solo. Any articles or content developed by medical professionals are marked with the [ x ] symbol to indicate that the creator is a professional who is giving professional recommendations.


Should I read The Solo System E-book?

It’s totally your choice. Reading The Solo System is not mandatory, but highly recommended because the Live Solo website is organized by the 8 principles from The Solo System.


I don’t have a disability; can I interact on Live Solo?

Of course, you can! Live Solo is specifically designed with people from the disabled community in mind and information dedicated to their needs and experiences. But anyone is allowed to interact on the site. The Live Solo team encourages ALL people to learn more about the authenticity of disabled person’s experiences to combat ableism and support the new narrative of how living with a disability is experienced. Live Solo is the start of a new era of disability.


I read The Solo System, but I’m not sure of where to start to become independent?

The Solo System was written as a guide to help young adults with disabilities start and/or support their journeys to independence. With that, choose the principle from The Solo System where you feel you need some more help with achieving your goal of independence, go to the Live Solo website, start with Resources, filter by the Solo System principle and your disability, and enjoy going through the array of content that applies to you. All content was curated to give information that will support you in mastering your goal of the Solo System principles, which can help you achieve your goal of independence and self-empowerment.


I love the mission of Live Solo, how can I be a part?

We love this! please reach out via our Contact Us page and submit a message there. We look forward to receiving your message.

I’m disabled and think I can add some really great information for the disabled community on Live Solo, how can I be part of the Live Solo team?

Yay!!!! Please reach out via our Contact Us page and submit a message there. We look forward to receiving your message.


I have a family member/friend/coworker etc. who is disabled, is there anything on Live Solo that can help me properly interact with them?

Yes! We have multiple pieces of content that, although isn’t specific to allyship, can still help in properly understanding how to interact with the disabled community. We are focused on helping disabled people reach their independence and self-empowerment goals, but learning through the content available on Live Solo, will be helpful to better understand the community which will help you be a better ally.


I’m a parent of a young child with a disability, does Live Solo have anything I can reference for my young child?

Live Solo’s content is dedicated to young adults (18+) with disabilities. However, we encourage parents of young disabled children to educate and prepare themselves with the resources available on Live Solo now so when your child does reach young adulthood, you would have the tools and information needed to encourage them up and support them with confidence in whatever goals they wish to achieve.